Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year Contact Lens Resolutions: Some Tips for Contact Lens Wearers for 2015

Attention Contact Lens Wearers:
  1. Poor hygienic habits can leave you blind
  2. Exposure of contact lenses with water causes rare eye infections that are responsible for potential damages
  3. Be very careful when wearing contact lenses at “drinking parties”; especially at holidays.

Contact lenses are definitely fun; they give you huge dolly eyes. Lady Gaga’s amplified eyes would not have been possible without big eye circle lenses. Even though big eye contact lenses are considered controversial; medics are of the opinion that wearing FDA approved authentic circle lenses after getting a valid prescription is free from health hazards and risks.

Regular wearers of circle lenses must make resolutions to improve optical health. Strict vigilance with contact lenses is crucial in order to keep your eyes safe from damage & injuries. You should renew following contact lenses’ resolutions in 2015 for sparkling healthy eyes.
  1. Always wash your hands before handling circle lenses.
  2. Always disinfect contact lenses after each wear. Don’t forget to through old contact lens solution before re-immersing them in the vials.
  3. Never top off contact lens solution or reuse it.
  4. Wash your contact lens cases once a week & dry it cap off and top down. Replace it every 3 months
  5. Do not wear circle lenses after they have crossed the expiry date.
  6. Always keep your circle lenses away from water. Do not handle/store them at humid places. Exposure of water with contact lenses poses horrendous threats.
Upon noticing any kind of discomfort or pain in eyes, immediately remove circle lenses. Though contact lenses are not always the reason behind painful eyes, removing them out & inspecting them for any superficial scratches might rule out such chances.

 Keep in mind:

  1. Having your eyes tested once a year by your ophthalmologist should be your top priority in 2015.
  2. Always purchase your circle lenses from authentic re-sellers who ensure availability of 100% genuine & FDA approved contact lenses with honest refunds. 

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  1. I am excited about getting some new contacts. There are so many different types to choose from. I'm going to ask my eye doctor and go with his best choice. I have really sensitive eyes so I want to get ones that will be the least irritant.