Wednesday, 21 January 2015

I.Fairy Hana Pink Lenses Against Long Pink Wig

What else could send better charming sensations than having an eye color to match your hair? Be a part of a fairy tale and adorn yourself with pink circle lenses & wig. I.Fairy Hana Pink & Vocaloid Luka pink wig compliments each other beautifully to complete your most favorite anime look.

I.Fairy Hana Pink circle lenses are surrounded by a bold outer black ring. The flower like pattern fades in naturally with your own eye color making you look like a perfect anime character. Not only do these circle lenses look beautiful against dark eyes, but they also appear dramatic against light colored eyes. The fusion of two entirely different colors is out of this world. On the other hand Vocaloid Luka wig B boasts a very soft texture & feel that does not let this long wig get tangled. The wig has two separable tails. The bangs are long & lose- available for customized trim & styling. 

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