Friday, 16 January 2015

Make a Fun Style Statement with Two Tone Lolita Hair Wigs

Don’t damage the beauty of original hair by repeatedly dying them- Try synthetic hair wigs to introduce a vivid change in your persona. The latest hair trends include dyed hair in two hues; often with a great eye catchy contrast. Wearing two tone hair give you a pop & help you form an outrageous style statement. Two tone hair wigs deliver the best when they are teased & tied in casual hair styles such as braids, buns & teased locks.

Dip Dyed Lolita Wig S

Two tone hair wigs come in various styles. Some people like dip-dyed effect; whereas others fall for ombre hair. Two tone hair wigs are great if you want your hair to look voluminous with a fancy drape. Following the same style, Lolita hair wigs available at Uniqso incorporates two tones magnificently. The dyed layers give the wig a flirtatious bounce. It also adds glamour to one’s style.

Onion curled two tone Lolita wig A in beautiful pastel two tones

Lolita wigs having two toned hair make a more charismatic style than highlights & lowlights. The contrast helps drawing attention towards small hair wisps like flicks, layers, tapered ends, razor cuts or onion curls. To achieve dramatic effect; these Lolita wigs make use of vibrant hues against light color such as blonde & brunette, black & auburn, baby pink & cobalt blue. This is all about playing with fun colors to achieve a sudden change for an exquisite & ecstatic change.

Striped dyed bangs Lolita Wig AL

Lolita wig AO tied in twin tails

Lolita two tone hair wigs cater to everyone's needs. From soft & subtle variants they are also available in punk & chic fashion. To go bolder, wearing wigs in unnatural hues that play more with colors at complimentary hair pieces such as at bangs and layers do wonders. This is why striped dyed vibrant bangs or chunks of dyed layers are most popular these days. Two tone Lolita wigs deliver whimsical results as they peep through your casual hair styles such as buns, fish tail, & bohemian waves.

When choosing two tone Lolita wigs; always take note of your skin tone & climate. You don’t want to go off the track whilst trying to enhance your beauty of course. 

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