Thursday, 8 January 2015

Super Funky Colored Lenses for Light Eyes: Dolly Eye Ariale Blue & Barbie Nova Violet

It is always fun trying unnatural shades of colored lenses when you have light colored eyes. Barbie Nova Violet are 16.2mm huge and they give an absolute dolly enlargement. These circle lenses are very vibrant & exciting with a bigger pupil hole. Barbie Nova violet are loved as they fade out to complete clear at the center; giving your eyes a beautiful combination of two hues. They create a beautiful violet halo effect that makes your eyes look mesmerizing. BeuberryBella Violet are perfect alternate to the Nova violet lenses.

On the other hand, light colored eyes look stunning against Dolly Eye Ariale blue lenses. These circle lenses have a soft enlargement effect with a natural looking diameter of 14.2mm. The pattern of these circle lenses is worth gazing at. The intricate diamond cuts seem to reflect light in an alluring way to make you look enticing. 

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