Saturday, 17 January 2015

Yuna Cosplay Makeup Tutorial- An Easy Guide

Yuna Cosplay Makeup

Yuna, the heroine of the game “Final Fantasy X” inspires every one through her natural beauty & unique playful eyes. Her kind, sweet & humble personality is the other trait that has made her the love of every heart. If you want to get into Yuna makeover, stay focused on “looking natural”. Get a short brown Yuna cosplay wig and Geo Super Angel green, Super Angel blue circle lenses to impersonate.

Yuna Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

Yuna circle lenses
Yuna Contact Lenses

Yuna Video Makeup Tutorial

  1. Start off by wearing Geo Super Angel green lens in your right eye & blue in left.
  2. Use minimum makeup. Prepare your face by a light amount of concealer for blemishes.
  3. Enhance your eye brows using a brown eye shadow (matte)
  4. Prime your eyes using your regular primer. Apply beige eye shadow & blend.
  5. Make a soft crease using the same eye shadow you enhanced your eye brows with.
  6. Using a soft smudge free black eye pencil, tight line your lashes
  7. Apply eyeliner. Keep it thin and as close to your natural lashes as possible.
  8. Apply mascara. Avoid applying several coats to prevent them going clumpy.
  9. Apply natural looking false eyelashes
  10. Apply white eye pencil at the lower lash line for creating the illusion of awakened eyes
  11. Apply compact powder. Just dab it lightly to keep the look soft & natural.
  12. Apply orange lipstick (as close to your own lip color as possible)
  13. Finish it off by applying a sheer lip gloss.

Wear Yuna Costume & you are done. 

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