Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Sweet Lolita: Beuberry Chariot Green Circle Lenses & Chelina Cosplay

These lime green circle lenses add a zesty touch to your eyes. They are incredibly vivid &  take beauty a level ahead. Beuberry Chariot green circle lenses bear a natural looking pattern with a moderately noticeable limbal ring. These green lenses have a bigger hole for pupil this is why they create stunning contrast against dark eyes. Contrary to this they blend and fuse naturally with light colored eyes. 

Beuberry Chariot green
Beuberry Chariot green circle lenses look dolly when paired up with Chelina cosplay wig. The wig boasts a beautiful orangish-peach color. It is 100 cm long and has two pig tails that can be separated if you just want to wear a short bob. Since the wig is free from cheap shine; the wig looks very alluring. 

"Overall, this is a good-quality wig! The hair doesn't fall off and it has a lot of hair, so your wig cap won't be visible in any way. The hair fibers are not shiny, so it doesn't give the impression of a cheap cosplay wig. I'm very happy with this wig~!"; says anzujaamu in her review

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