Thursday, 29 January 2015

3 Things that help you Get Bigger Eyes the Korean Way

Since women are considered most narcissistic they are often found uselessly worrying about even the minor beauty concerns. They pay much attention in spot fixing the flaws they are born with, yet; if there is anything that keeps a woman “constantly” bothered is how her eyes look. Women in South Korea could go to any limits in order to beautify their eyes- even going under knife is welcomed by one in every 10 women. However, there are certainly safer & cheaper methods to transform your eyes the Korean way without having you to make a dent in your pocket.

Experts opine that in the next few decades cosmetic surgeries will evade one’s natural beauty by replacing it with a culture that would be too monotonous & boring. If you find yourself in the same boat, don’t go way too risky. Preserve your natural beauty & enhance them to attain your dream features. Getting bigger eyes is nothing tedious; all you require are big eye or dolly eye circle lenses/ double eye lid tapes & regular contouring/highlighting kit.

Journey to Achieving Dolly Big Eyes

Circle Lenses

Big eye circle lenses
The first thing that should come to your mind upon hearing big eyes is a pair of circle lenses. Circle lenses are capable of making your eyes look bigger. They sport limbal ring that add innocence to one’s personality whereas the bigger diameter strives to create an illusion of dolly eyes. Find out what kind of circle lenses should you wear.

Double Eye Lid Tapes/ Glue


The biggest obstacles in achieving dolly eyes are “Monolids”. Asian women are born without a natural eyelid crease thus they need to take the help of double eye lid tapes or double eyelid glue. Double eyelid glue is transparent and odorless. It comes with a “Y-Tool” that helps pushing your lid up to 4mm for a tight eye lid crease.


Aego-sal created with makeup
Aegyo-sal is a Korean term that represents purposefully created “under-eye fat”. Since it is most intact in infants, Koreans believe that presence of puffy eyes with saggy bags look youthful & fresh. To get puppy eyes you can use tapes or fake one using contouring & highlighting powders.

With these big eye accessories achieving big eyes is a breeze. With appropriate makeup & false eye lashes, you can add further drama to your eyes. Make your eyes look big & protruding to draw inspirations from our makeup & circle lens experts.

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