Thursday, 1 January 2015

Wearing Circle Lenses at New Year’s Celebrations? Think Twice

Circle Lens related ocular infections are rare; in fact very rare, provided you get your supply from authentic sellers. Often times, consumers risk their vision by their care less approach towards contact lenses.Circle lenses & its variants are medical devices and should be handled carefully.  Neglecting to disinfect them thoroughly or adopting a careless attitude at parties can lead to potential visual impairment.

Ophthalmologists have shared their concerns about the surging number of patients rushing towards hospitals when the New Year has just begun. According to them it is consumers’ poor understanding and careless attitude towards contact lenses that should be held responsible for the corneal abscesses & etc. People are less careful during parties especially during late night celebrations as after drinking alcohol you are prone to get into bed & quilts. Dancing, partying with friends & alcohol make you feel tired & ignorant of the fact that you are still wearing your contact lenses. Tumbling into bed without taking your contact lenses out at festive is natural as your mind dozes off quickly when it is under effects of alcohol. Therefore, be very careful when wearing circle lenses at parties that offer you beers or alcoholic drinks.

Drinking excessively is itself very dangerous as it makes few go violent. A woman got her eye ball punctured as her best friend had attacked her violently with her stiletto heel after drinking ten bottles of vodkas & cokes. Thus, ensure that you take out circle lenses from your eyes before you indulge yourself into ‘party-business’.

"Most corneal infections are related to contact lens usage, especially when proper hygiene, cleaning and removal isn't followed”, says Dr David Allamby, a leading laser eye surgeon who runs Focus clinic in London. 

Make fresh contact lens resolutions for 2015 to safe guard your eyes this year!

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