Monday, 5 January 2015

What you Need to Know about Contact Lens Solutions?

Contact lens solutions should never be paid any less attention to, than contact lenses. Anything that goes into your eyes must make its way after it has been thoroughly checked for the counter-effects & the risks involved. Not all the contact lens solutions are same & negligence towards picking a right one might end up in horrific aftermath.

Contact Lens & Re-wetting Solutions: What is the Difference?

There is a difference between contact lens cleansing solutions and lubricating solutions. Often times the solution that is used to cleanse contact lenses is not compliant & safe to go into your eyes. On the other hand, re-wetting solution is though safe to come into contact with your cornea; is not strong enough to disinfect your circle lenses from protein buildup & bacteria. This demands you to pick up your contact lens supplies thoughtfully. You would not want to go for saving few bucks & end up paying the double amount in your health bills. Be careful, not only now but ALWAYS.

Multi-Purpose Solution

To soak & disinfect we suggest you to use an FDA approved “Multi-Purpose Solution”. A multi-purpose contact lens solution is capable of removing the dust, debris, lipid & protein buildup. It also is effective to rub & rinse contact lenses. Moreover, multi-purpose solutions do not disturb the PH level of contact lenses. Before picking up a contact lens solution from the store’s shelf; read the label VERY carefully. Follow the instructions accordingly.

Which is the Best Multi-Purpose Solution?

If your life style consists of outdoor activities & exposes you to air pollution & computer screen, we suggest using Complete Blink N Clean Multi Purpose Solution. This multi-purpose solution is manufactured by a well-known pharmacy i.e. Abbott Medical Optics. This is a two in one formula that re-wets & cleanses your contact lenses without posing any harmful risks to your eyes.

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