Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Enlarging Big Eye Circle Lenses : ICK Garnet Circle Lenses

ICK Contact Lenses

ICK brand of contact lenses and circle lenses is yet another Korean brand, been striving since 2008 to keep constructing circle lenses in compliance with quality assurance & health parameters. ICK contact lenses aim to make pupil more distinct by adding natural color pattern to your eyes.

ICK Garnet red, Elegant violet & Animate grey circle lenses add new dimensions to your eyes by making them look dolly & alluring. The enlarging effect is adorable since the pattern is natural yet these lenses help your eyes stand out. 

ICK Garnet Red

The color is lovely because, to me, it is not a too bright of a red that people will be afraid of. The thick dark rim on the outside of the circle really helps with the enlarging effect. Plus, the different shade of thin red lines that strikes into the middle makes it more natural. (If red is what you call natural. haha) What I mean is that the Garnet Red has a more pleasing look to it. 

The design of the circle lenses is a thin dark black rim that is not fully filled, thus giving it a smoother transition from the whites of your eyes. Even the inside of the purple has lines that meet up in to form a circle in the middle of the lenses.

It is really lovely. On my dark brown eyes the grey shows up nicely. I have received a lot of compliments on these.  For all ICK type of contacts I have, I just need a little bit of eyeliner to have my eyes appear natural with the circle lenses.

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