Monday, 26 January 2015

Contact Lenses with Proper Compliance are proved to be a Safer Option for Vision Correction- Consensus in Singapore Reveals

Contact lenses- A safer mode of vision correction 

Singapore Contact Lens Society; comprised of professional ophthalmologists, is cognizant of the importance of constant monitoring in contact lens wearers. The society lays great emphasis on the regular contact lens follow-up for people using contact lenses for vision correction.

Ophthalmologists opine that contact lenses when followed by proper care regimen minimize the risk of infections. The society quoted a U.S study that reveals that the rate of infection induced by contact lenses is 13.9 in every 10,000 children whereas in adults it has astonishingly been reduced to zero percent. The study also reveals that there has not even been a single registered case of "contact lens related infection"; leading to permanent damage or vision loss.

The consensus further elaborates that contact lenses are safe mode of vision correction when followed by proper compliance. A clean, sterilized and FDA approved contact lens that is properly fitted ensures minimum to no risks. With proper hygiene, infections’ risk can be greatly reduced. Additionally, the follow-up sessions keep a sharp track on rising ocular abnormalities if any.

The society summarized the safe contact lens wear as follows:
  1. Eyes should look good- free from redness
  2. Eyes should feel good- free from itching
  3. Eyes should see good- free from blurred or hazy vision

If you are an active wearer of contact lenses, keep monitoring how your eyes perform with and without them. In case, you notice an unusual secretion, itching or painful sensation; rush to your eye care professional. Follow contact lens care regimen religiously & prevent your eyes from seasonal or occasional infections that are more likely to hit people wearing contact lenses.


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