Thursday, 8 January 2015

Korean Skin Care: 3 Common Skin Care Mistakes Every Woman Makes

Korean skin care lays great importance not only on the right skin care products but also on the right methods of treating your skin. Go Hyun has special & distinct methods for applying serums, cleansers & toners as according to Korean skin care the way you do your face plays great role in either lifting it up or making your facial tissues sag or droop down. Irrespective of what skin care regime is followed by; all women tend to repeat 3 skin care mistakes & trust us, it is doing NO good. In order to get the most of Korean skin care products & regime, please abstain from such criminal skin care sins.

1.Neglecting the Importance of a Foam Cleanser before Bed

We always have an excuse. I am too tired to wash my face before going to bed. This, ‘who cares’ attitude has been pushing women to premature ageing & to developing early signs of wrinkles. It is necessary to wash face at bed time with a foam cleanser because it provides deep cleansing. Korean Super Model Go Hyun accredits foaming facial cleanser for her beautiful glow & impeccable facial texture. A foaming facial cleanser such as Skin79 O2 BB face wash removes smeary sheen & gently exfoliates to ensure deep cleansing. Foam face wash actually pulls out all of the debris from pores that also poses the risk of clogging them, if not dealt with on time.

2. Leaving Face Mask on for Too Long

Is it time to wash off my face mask? Bleh, let me first finish my hours long pedicure or oh crack! Uploading a dozen of crazy selfies of the latest hangout is more needed-we all have to fight this battle where there are too many priorities to give us a hard time. Face masks should never be left on your face for too long as it actually rips your face off of its moisturizer & makes it dehydrated.

Every face mask comes with proper instructions and they are meant to be followed EXACTLY. There are various types of face masks available that differ in the “leave-on duration”. Clay mask should not be left on face for more than 15 minutes, whereas for sheet masks 20 minutes are more than enough. Korean skin care brands are always ingenious. Now you can get all the benefits of Korean skin care through a simple 10 seconds sheet mask. The mask is equipped with the richness of emulsifiers, essential oils & toner. Oh, and 10 seconds means ‘Ten Seconds’.

 3.Ignoring the Neck

Yeah, so none of us owns a neck, right? We all carry our faces over the necks of our enemies. This is why no matter what age group we fall in; we ignore neck whilst being too overly engaged at enhancing the beauty of our face. Whether it’s a massage, exfoliation, mask or simply a moisturizer we treat our neck with the “left-over”, don’t we? No, don’t smile reading this that there are other fools out there. It should be instead a turning point. Face is yours, so is the neck. It also needs same care & products you slather on your face. Otherwise, later in your life don’t regret a neck with pronounced signs of pigmentation & ageing.

Korean skin care regime has taken the world by a storm. It has gone through a lot of evolution from being complex to being simple. Now you just need a BB cream to take care of SPF, foundation & protection from signs of pre-mature ageing.  But hey; don’t forget to avoid these common 3 skin care mistakes the next time you pamper yourself with Korean skin care products

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