Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Sparkling Grey Lenses: Lens Story Cara Grey

These dolly big eye circle lenses are famous for the sparkling effect that make your eyes cast shimmery gazes. The pattern is really neat and the speckles help make you look like out of this world. The super huge enlargement effect of 16.5mm diameter holds every one spell-bounded due to the alluring effect. Lens Story Cara grey add depth to your eyes and literally make them shine.

"I know I’m always nagging about the water content and how important it is, but it makes a huge difference since your eyes get dry from looking at screens and I work on my computer all day long ;A; the lenses feel a lot more soft and doesn’t make your eyes feel as dry or irritated that other lenses might do after a while. The best lenses are the once that feels like your not wearing any, and for me that’s the ones of really good quality ^_^ (another reason to pick uniqso as your lens shop!)"- Read more of Lens Story Cara grey review

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