Monday, 19 January 2015

Follow Green & Blue Hair Trends with Sensually Beautiful Lolita Wigs

Green & Blue Hair Trends
Human hair comes in the least utility of colors. Fortunately; we now see all the unworldly combinations & punk hair contrasts that are characterized by distinctive hues. If dying natural hair is a problem; getting a synthetic wig becomes the easiest solution. We have an array of Lolita hair wigs that boast charming color combinations. If you are a cheerful personality & love to play with fun colors, these Lolita wigs can make a huge world of a difference.

Synthetic wigs in unnatural shades that incorporate more than two tones give your hair a lusciously heavy feel. Furthermore, three tone hair wigs add in depth to your style. Three tone hair wigs pull off every other hair style so sensually that you look like the epitome of glamour & lavishness.

Lolita wig AK and Lolita wig O

Dare to go bold? Wear these chocolate brown Lolita wigs with vibrant hues of blue & green. These wigs display bold & unworldly colors that gradually darken from light hues of blue & green to turquoise green & cobalt blue. The straight tresses with lose curls at the bottom sends erotically feminine vibes. 

Lolita wig AK has crazy tousles that go coarse towards the tips. The other variety in relatively darker colors is Lolita wig O. The triple layered wig frames a face nicely & creates an illusion of delicate jaw line. The ruffled layers with cobalt blue & teal green hues make it an irresistible piece of your ever-growing collection of wig.

Either tie a braid, do bohemian waves or simply tease your tresses a bit to leave them open- because cascading locks in mermaid hues is a new name of class & opulence. 

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