Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Get Beautiful Eyes by Complimenting Contact Lenses with the Right Shade of Eye Makeup

Makeup either makes a look or breaks a look. People who wearcolored contact lenses must be very careful in picking the right shades of eye makeup. Wrong shades that are not in harmony with colored contact lenses end up giving you a hag look. As a rule of thumb, always focus on creating a contrast with eye makeup against colored circle lenses. Miss Gunjan gGaur; makeup expert at “Alps Beauty Clinic” provides a basic guideline for those who love to stun others through colored contact lenses.

Makeup with Blue Contact Lenses

With blue circle lenses; you have ample room to play with colors. Focus on using bright shades from your makeup palette and concoct a dazzling contrast. Shades like fuchsia, silver, turquoise etc best compliment blue eyes by ensuring awe-striking bold eyes.

Makeup with Hazel Contact Lenses

Hazel circle lenses almost appear greenish. They add a depth to one’s eyes & glorify the beauty. Using enhancing makeup tints such as lime green, dark green, brown & plum do wonders against hazel contact lenses. Bold colors such as gold & bright purple intensify the warmth these eyes carry.

Brown Contact Lenses

People wearing brown contact lenses enjoy liberty of using almost every shade their hearts fall for. Brown is itself a class; to add more to it use shades such as peaches, plum, pinks & corals. Other than these earthy shades compliment brown circle lenses beautifully for a chic look.

Green Contact Lenses

To compliment your green contact lenses, go for smokey brown look. Shades such as deep brown, beige, chocolate & coffee adds dimension to eyes. Red, pink & purple shades help creating a protruding big eye look against green contacts.

Black Contact Lenses

In Asia, black eyes are considered the most majestic & holy eyes. Black contact lenses are enlivened up by using metallic shades of copper, bronze, gold & silver.

Contact lenses & makeup go hand in hand. However; this is just a little effort on our part to help you guide your way. Makeup is purely one’s own choice & decision. Follow your heart & outfit to recreate your favorite makeup look before hitting the next party.

Special Thanks to “Zee News India>Glamtalk”

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  1. You are absolutely stunning! I agree with you what you have said that contact lenses and makeup go hand in hand. It is important to choose the right colored contact lenses