Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Get Ready to Cast Enchanting Spells with Cinderella Cosplay Wig

Cinderella Cosplay Wig

“Be kind and have courage”- This statement is a beautiful reminder of upcoming American movie “Cinderella”. The live action romantic movie full of thrill, excitement & fervor is all we await. Cinderella’s whimsical dress is itself beautiful enough to bewitch the audience. Besides, Ella- The Princess captures our hearts with her mighty brown eyes & dirty blonde hair. Meanwhile you anticipate for the movie, we suggest you trying Cinderella circle lenses & Cinderella cosplay wig to mark your presence.

The magically-retold version of the Disney’s fable, take us back into the world of glory, magic, & breath taking royal beauty. The overall adaptation, the fanciful notions, the powerful dialogues and the inspiring sound tracks are enchanting. Yet; what trap our attentions are her “Huge” dolly brown eyes & tousled bushy tresses. Even though, the vintage Cinderella had blue eyes, the new Cinderella is spotted with honey brown eyes in the official trailer released by Disney House.

Disney, after the remake of Maleficent & Alice in the Wonderland, continues to wonder us with yet another fabulous production. Whilst classic Cinderella hops into a new one on March 13th, let us get stuck in the awe-inspiring allurement of Cinderella’s rhinestone-studded tousles, silver crystalline pixie dust & magical incantations.  “The magic will only last SO LONG!”

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