Friday, 9 January 2015

One of the Most Dolly Circle Lenses: Geo Xtra WTA64 Brown Natural & Lovely

Brown circle lenses are already considered the most natural looking circle lenses. Asians prefer brown circle lenses over any other colored contacts because they blend with naturally dark colored eyes. Circle lenses with nice enlargement effect help making them look dolly and adorable. This is why Ulzzang love brown circle lenses. Geo Xtra WTA64 brown lenses add a sweet pop to your eyes. They have a pretty simple pattern with an overly-huge & solid outer black ring. The ring however does not stand out freakishly as the dotted pattern beside the outer ring tones it down for a subtle over all effect. 

Geo Xtra Brown Kira Kira series have comparably big pupil size which is why they fade away naturally with brown eyes. Wear these circle lenses either to enhance your own brown eye color or for the sake of dolly enlargement. Since they are natural looking circle lenses, they make you look innocent & pretty. These circle lenses look beautiful auburn as the lift shift angles which is yet another plus point of these brown lenses. 

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