Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Send Soft Vibes with Geo Bella Brown

Get the warmth of brown and energies of  a star burst with these Geo Bella brown circle lenses. They are very hot yet natural looking big eye circle lenses. The design is a depiction of a star burst that looks magical in your eyes. The brown hue is kept darker with a smaller pupil hole that make these circle lenses perfect for both light & dark colored eyes. 

Since the inner ring ( pupil edge) fades in beautifully; it let these circle lenses fuse nicely with your natural color of eyes. 

"They came out to be quite comfortable due it's water percentage (38%) and I could wear them for hours straight without even feeling them!The first time I've used them was for my Hinata (Haikyuu!) cosplay and I really liked how they looked with the makeup and wig color! They made my eyes bigger and I felt somewhat cuter"

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