Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Best Way to Prevent Static Cling in Synthetic Wigs

In order to prevent accumulation of static charge in your synthetic wigs; it is necessary to first maintain your natural hair. Hair electrically charged, cannot prepare a neat ground for a synthetic wig to grip on.

Static electric charge develops frizz in the wig fibers that is frustrating to tackle. Since wigs are made from synthetic fibers they are prone to static cling more in winter. Static cling is easily noticed when there is less moisture in the air. Dry inside air & cold outside air in winter, contributes to the accumulation of ions which can only be prevented by balancing the moisture.

First Step:

Preventing Static Cling in Natural Hair

  • In order to keep stating cling out of your wigs; it is necessary to first prevent your natural hair from the ion accumulation. Wearing a wig over hair with static charge may worsen the situation by triggering itchy scalp & dandruff.

  • Regularly massaging your scalp with oil, applying a dime of argon oil through the hair shafts, avoiding plastic comb & hot shower that rips off the moisture can prevent static cling in natural hair.

  • Do not over dry your hair using a blow dryer. If necessary only use ionic ceramic hair dryer as it diffuses negatively charged ions that help neutralizing the electric charge promoting the static cling.

Second Step:

Preventing Static Charge in Synthetic Wigs

When the atmosphere is dry, synthetic wigs accumulate the ions. This can often lead you into embarrassing situations especially when you are running short to a meeting & you do not have enough time to do your hair. Since the more you do your hair, the more ions your wig collects.

The best approach to tackle static charge in synthetic wig is to keep it soft.

  •  A DIY wig conditioner, making use of fabric softener comes handy to keep your wigs look new even after several washes. Fabric softener repels the static cling & thus keeps the tangles out of the wig too. Simply prepare the conditioner & submerge your wig in the solution for several hours.

  • Let it air dry naturally, do not use blow dryer to dry it. If you use flat iron to straighten your synthetic wigs, opt for a tourmaline coated one. Though tourmaline coated irons are expensive, they help locking in the moisture. The anti-static technology keeps synthetic wigs soft, smooth & shiny. They also prevent frizz & wispy flyaways.

  • When wearing a synthetic wig, avoid wearing caps/scarves made of acrylic, polyester or wool. Stick to cashmere & cotton. Same goes with the pillow covers & bed spreads.

  • Keep your hands moisturized. 

Has static cling been bothering you this winter? Follow these tips & leave your feedback.

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