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4 Korean ‘Celebrity Beauty Secrets’ Everyone Should Know : Korean Skin Care

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It has been wrongly conceived that Korean skin care regimen is complex, incorporating the use of 10-20 products a day. To bust the myth, consider how Korean skin care experts are paying more attention to compact down every day skin care regime from a dozen of products to simply one- BB cream is the perfect example. Though everyone has own beauty standards & is free to go deeply conscious whilst planning daily skin care regime, we ensure you that following just 4 Korean celebrity beauty secrets will owe you glowing skin with perfectly smooth texture.

  • Adequate Hydration

That’s a no brainer. Adequate hydration is necessary to keep your facial tissues healthy. Absence of appropriate hydration may turn your skin brittle, coarse & un-even. Go Hyun accredits drinking plenty of water every day for her luminous skin

Skin79 Waterfull Sleeping mask aids in meeting emergency needs of hydration for lack-lustrous, overly ignored skin. The masks work over night to get back the lost moisture. 

  • Face Packs & Masks

Face packs and masks prevent sagging in facial tissues. Furthermore, they pull the debris out of the skin tissues that may clog the pores. It is said that Korean celebrities use 2 different face masks every week- cleansing face mask followed by a nourishing face mask including the richness of emulsifier, toner & serums.

Nutritive Sheet Mask: Skin79 10 Seconds Mask

  • Regular 3 Step Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing

This is the part of your daily skin care at which you needs to be aggressive, vigorous & ritual. Deep cleansing is essential to achieving squeaky clean facial tissues. Korean star Suzy Bae, recommends a ‘424’ cleansing approach. It includes cleaning face with light oil for 4 minutes followed by a foaming cleanser for 2 minutes then washing face with luke warm water for 4 minutes.

Toning & moisturizing should also be done the Korean way using patting movements to ensure greater adhesion & absorption.
  • Beauty Sleep

6-8 hours of beauty sleep is recommended by Korean pop stars. Skin breathes & rejuvenates whilst you sleep. To make your skin glow, sound sleep is mandatory.

Bonus Tip

Using a gel based moisturizer such as Skin79 Aloe vera aqua gel brightens up the complexion whilst providing adequate hydration in a short time. It also dries up mild acne, shrinks enlarged pores & forms a protective layer at skin from environmental hazards such as smoke & dirt. 

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