Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Are Circle Contact Lenses Safe for Children? What is the Right Age?

Circle contact lenses are not FDA approved in United States. However it is perfectly legal to buy circle contact lenses from an online retailer based in another country. Today; circle lenses have much more to offer than they had back a decade.Circle contact lenses are now available in prescription. Even children are no more reluctant to give them a try as they find benefits in wearing circle contact lenses than wearing conventional eye glasses.

At what Age should a Child be given Circle Contact Lenses?

Circle contact lenses are safe for children depending upon the following factors.
  1. Maturity Level: Is he mature enough to understand his responsibilities? Does he finish his home-work on his own? Does he take things seriously or is he simply a careless brat?
  2. Calendar Age: Though many doctors around the world are convinced that age has little to do with the maturity of a child, it is simply impossible to completely ignore the age. A child need to be meticulous about circle contact lens’ safety, wear & risks involved. According to the doctors the right age of introducing circle contact lenses to a child should be no less than 13 years.
Circle Contact Lenses for Children: Safe or Harmful?

When your child starts pushing you for getting him a pair of circle contact lenses, you should immediately get concerned if he is suffering from vision problems. Get him checked for a prescription.

  1. Kids prefer circle contact lenses over glasses because they fear being mocked for by their peer-group at school. Parents also consider it an opportunity if their child has an inclination towards circle contact lenses because small kids are more prone to breaking the delicate frames of glasses over & over again.
  2. Circle contact lenses have their own pros and cons. Circle lenses directly float on eyes whereas glasses sit at the nose posing no risks of direct abrasions to cornea. However circle lenses have many benefits over glasses.
  3. Circle contact lenses should not be worn more than 6 hours. In early months a child must not wear circle lenses for more than 3 hours.
Circle contact lenses are as safe for children as they are for adults. Children can even wear novelty circle contact lenses if they are mature enough. Train your child and educate him about circle contact lenses, wear, care & maintenance.

All you need to worry about before letting your child buy circle lenses is to find a reputable supplier of circle lenses. If unfortunately; you get counterfeit circle lenses online the entire story will be presenting horrific & terrifying end results. Being warned is being armed. Therefore, buy only branded ISO, KFDA and medically certified circle contact lenses hereto save your child eyes & vision forever.

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