Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Geo Super Angel Brown for Angelic Dolly Eyes

Geo Super Angel Brown

GEO Super Angel brown circle lenses are famous for the angelic halo they create. The blending of subtle shades with your natural eye color is too tempting to resist a pair for yourself. Since geo circle lenses are comfortable and safe to wear due to several of the medical certificates GEO Medical brand has received;they have become one of the most-hot selling brand of big eye colored contacts. 

They are 14.2mm but the outer bold black ring makes them look huge. Circle lenses with outer rings look more dolly and make you look young and innocent. GEO Super Angel brown circle lenses are recommended for a natural feel. For more information please read GEO Super Angel brown review and leave your feedback.

Bonus Tip:

Don't sleep with your circle lenses in your eyes. However in case of accidental nap treat your inflammed eyes

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