Saturday, 21 September 2013

Get Kawaii Eyes with Big Eye Circle Lenses

Kawaii means “Cute”. The term Kawaii comes from Japan; where it is now known as the latest “Style Craze”. It has been observed that the wave of Kawaii culture has taken some parts of U.S into its grip too. Kawaii simply means cute, adorable and loveable.

A kawaii style features cute accessories along with everything pink and in light shades. A kawaii style appreciates light makeup and a good-sense of layered dresses.

Kawaii Circle Lenses:

Kawaii styles focuses on big, huge eyes with innocent looks. This look is achieved by big eye circle lenses, falsies and liquid eyeliner. After choosing kawaii circle lenses; the next thing to focus on is “Kawaii eye frames”.

Kawaii Frames:

Kawaii girls often wear frames (without glasses) along with big eye circle lenses. Normally; people either wear circle lenses or glasses for vision correction. But Kawaii girls focus on accessorizing and cute transformation. Therefore; the focus is on circle lenses to achieve huge innocent eyes and eyeglasses fulfill the needs of accessorizing.

Kawaii Eye Makeup:

Kawaii eye makeup is very light where the emphasis is given on lining the eyes. If you want to use eye shadows; go for pink and peachy tones since these make you look soft and polite. Following is a tutorial through which you can create kawaii eyes.

Finished Kawaii Look:

  • Always wear innocent and surprised smile.
  • Wear frilly and lacy layered fabrics.
  • Keep cute stuffed toys with yourself.

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