Wednesday, 4 June 2014

5 Reasons to Prefer “Cosplay Wigs” over Natural Hair

A Cosplayer’s hair is always exposed to chemicals, dyes, and hot hair-styling tongs; which poses a risk of damaging the natural shine & beauty of the original hair. To salvage the beauty of your natural hair; synthetic Cosplay wigs can be given a try. Cosplay wigs give you an immediate personality change and enhance your looks in no time.

Though some cosplayers enjoy dyeing & styling their original hair as per the chosen character; others might find it troublesome to have their hair dyed every now & then. Preferring a synthetic Cosplay wig over natural hair saves time, money & energy. Cosplay wigs can be stacked again after use to reuse; since they do not lose the style, curl and do not even fade in color.

  1. Synthetic Cosplay wigs allow you to get the same flounce and style that the character boasts. It is rare that your natural hair possess the same hair length & style that the character has.
  2. Synthetic Cosplay wigs are available in all the unworldly colors and weird cuts. Sporting a Cosplay wig than showing off your natural hair is saner than damaging your natural hair by dyeing it candy pink or Lilac.
  3. Synthetic Cosplay wigs are made from state-of-art synthetic fiber which keeps the wig strands protected from environmental changes. Your natural hair may frizz, develops dryness & may even lose the style when you are busy at beach, under water or under woods for a photo-shoot.
  4. Natural hair will fade in color at exposure to sunrays over the course of time. On the other hand synthetic Cosplay wigs remain unchanged and undamaged even in extreme weather conditions. They don’t fade even after shampooing.
  5. Synthetic wigs are pre-styled. They are styled as per the demands of the character and therefore are ready to wear. On the other hand; you are definitely going to waste your energy and time if you prefer to style your natural hair than using a synthetic Cosplay wig.
Synthetic Cosplay wigs are easy to manage & maintain. They are cheap; therefore easy to afford by all the cosplayers coming from different financial backgrounds. Preferring synthetic wigs over natural hair in a Cosplay is advisable since it lets you imitate the character generically & they also keep the beauty of your natural hair intact.

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