Thursday, 24 December 2015

Benefits of Skin79 Hyaluronic Cushion

First application of Skin79 Cushion Compact

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component found in the body that is responsible to keep skin supple, plump, & fresh. It helps skin maintain its oil balance, prevent wrinkles & is the secret for the youthful glow. This is why cosmetologists consider it the most effective age-repellent ingredient. Skin79 Hyaluronic acid cushion puff is a triple action formula that ensures whitening, wrinkle improvement & UV interception for illuminatingly baby-like dewy skin.

Hyaluronic acid is dominantly found in joints & tissues where the acid acts as a shock-observer & forms a cushion against environmental hazards. It is available in capsules, medicines and even in the form of injectables. Hyaluronic supplements help you get back the firmness you had back in your infancy. Whilst getting hyaluronic fillers may be painful and risky; you can always opt for topical treatments. Though topical treatments might not be dramatic, it is cost-effective & is in every one’s reach. Skin79 Hyaluronic cushion leaves skin soft, moisturized and keeps it moisturized for the entire day. The ability of hyaluronic acid to retain the moisture keeps skin fresh & significantly reduces the formation of wrinkles & fine lines.

Skin79 Hyaluronic acid contains 3% of the acid whereas the floral extracts from rose, jasmine, lily, chamomile & lotus have a calming effect. The botanical extracts also provide relief from environmental stress, inflammation whilst maintaining the moisture balance within the tissues. Skin79 Hyaluronic cushion is available in two variants i.e. for glossy sheen aimed at dry skin & Cotton Powder cushion for oily skin.

Skin’s natural hyaluronic acid production drops as you age; so getting back that lusciously delicious pillow-y baby skin is almost impossible. Fortunately, you can mimic the fresh youthful skin of your dreams using Skin79 hyaluronic cushion

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