Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Swollen Eye Lids: Are Contact Lenses Responsible?

People who wear contact lenses may suffer from minor contact lens related discomfort. Circle contacts need meticulous care & handling, this is why people with improper approach and unhygienic practices are often found complaining about their contacts. Circle contacts that are FDA approved usually do not bother but failing to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer may lead to potentially sight-threatening conditions. Swollen eye lids are usually an indication of underlying cause such as allergies, infections or water retention. Though contact lenses are not directly involved, they do contribute to the swollen eye lids.

If you suffer from swollen eye lids & eye sore, years after wearing contact lenses; the problem is certainly an allergenic. Some people are sensitive to contact lenses due to which they are prone to develop contact lens related infections & discomfort. Pollen, dust particles, or an incompatible contact lens solution are notable contributors to swollen eye lids.

Things you need to Pay Attention to:
  1. Your hygiene
  2. Contact lenses & their cases
  3. Contact lens solution
  4. Eye drops
  5. Allergens

Other than investing in branded FDA certified contact lenses, you need to pay attention to your contact lens solution and eye drops. Not all eye drops are compatible with contact lenses. Some of the eye drops accumulate over contacts and make them hazy. Similarly contact lens solutions with harsh chemicals may pose threats to eyes.

Contact lens cases need to be watched. If not replaced every three months, a buildup of slimy bio-film over the plastic cases may transfer bacteria over you contacts which are then transmitted to cornea. Though contact lens problems are fortunately easy to deal with, sometimes vision-threatening parasitical infections completely devour the cornea.

Always be very careful about your eyes, as you get only one pair. NEVER buy circle lenses and accessories that are cheap, substandard or with an origin that is unknown. Wear medically certified contact lenses fearlessly to correct vision problems and always have a very pragmatic approach towards contact lens disinfection for beautiful & sparkling eyes.

Eye sore or swollen eye lids indicate an underlying cause. Whilst contact lenses may not be directly involved, they do contribute to eye sores. Contact lenses with FDA certification are safe to wear, but your unhygienic approach towards contact lens handling & disinfection may lead to serious infections.

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