Saturday, 2 April 2016

How to Keep Wigs Cool in Summer

In summer women often suffer from bad hair day since due to scorching rays of sun, the natural hair lose shine & moisture. Opting to wear synthetic wigs does not only prevent your hair from the damage caused by UV rays but also let you enjoy the hair style of your dreams every day. However, hair replacement pieces can be severely hot and rancid during summer which fortunately can be prevented following the few tips given below:

Opt for Synthetic Wigs:
Usually women who love fuller looks opt to wear natural hair or remy hair wigs. However these wigs can feel heavier on head and are comparatively warmer. Synthetic hair wigs on the other hand are light weight and are more breathable.

Short Synthetic Hair Wigs
Wigs are available in several styles. Long hair wigs with buns, braids and excessive fibers should be avoided in summer. Choose shorter styles for synthetic wigs as there are plenty of options available when it comes to choosing cute short wigs.

Lighter Colors
Whilst wearing dark colored hair is fun, swapping these wigs with lighter colored wigs during warmer months is wise. Light colored wigs do not absorb light hence stay cool even when it is sweating hot.

Wash Synthetic Wigs Regularly
Although washing your synthetic wigs way too often can shorten the life time of your hair pieces, it is recommended to wash your wigs after every 20 wears. In summer your own scalp is oily and bacteria accumulation with product debris can produce a rancid smell that stinks your wigs when not properly washed & cared for. If washing your synthetic wigs with a good wig shampoo does not take the odor out, follow these methods to get rid of the rancid smell of your wigs.

Avoid Direct Heat
Heat is bad for your synthetic and natural hair. It is suggested to avoid going out directly in sunlight as much as possible but when necessary, protect your synthetic wig by wearing a wider rim hat or a scarf.

Synthetic hair wigs are great for everyday styling when you don’t have enough time to prepare your hair in the morning. Not everyone can be comfortable with wigs in summer but these tips can help you stay cool & comfortable. Synthetic wigs keep the style & bounce unless they are heat-treated, so wear it with no worries and wash it out as it begins to odor.

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