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Can I use Multi-Purpose Contact Lens Solution as Eye Drops?

Can I use Multi-Purpose Contact Lens Solution as Eye Drops?

If you are a regular wearer of circle lenses/ contact lenses; you might have thought at least once of using your regular multi-purpose disinfectant as the replacement of “re-wetting eye drops”. It may happen sometimes when you have your container of disinfectant filled but regretfully find your eye-drops bottle empty.

Though disinfectant should NEVER be directly squirted in eyes; people do use them as rewetting drops by risking the health & safety of their eyes. Actually multi-purpose circle lens/contact lens solutions or disinfectants contain harmful ingredients that are meant to kill germs only. The disinfectant also contains preservatives and strong chemicals that may not be harsh on your contact lens but may induce swelling & abrasions when poured directly into eyes.

There is an utmost need of understanding that contact lens solution/cleaner/disinfectant or multi-purpose solutions and “Re-wetting eye drops” are two different products and are used for two entirely different reasons. Therefore; both of the products should never be confused because they are not inter-changeable.

The main ingredients are concerning to contact lens/circle lens solution is “soaking”, “disinfecting”, “sterilizing” etc. On the other hand; “Re-wetting” or “Lubricating eye drops” only help relaxing your eyes when they are exhausted by over-wearing of circle lenses/ contact lenses. Lubricating drops also let eyes regain the moisturizer when your eyes feel dry due to working in A/C environment or by working long on LCDs. Avoid using over-the counter eye drops with circle lenses/contact lenses; because using inexpensive cheap eye drops may result in concentrated build-up of solution.

Can I use Multi-Purpose Contact Lens Solution as Eye Drops?

Eyes can tolerate only a small amount of disinfectant that get into eyes during inserting circle lenses/contact lenses. According to NBC News, “Misuse of clear contact lens solution is associated with eye burn”. Always; read the “Cautions/Warnings” printed on the label of any kind of solutions that come to use with circle lenses/ contact lenses to prevent your eyes from subjected damage!

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