Thursday, 29 August 2013

Dramatic Eye Makeup Using Puffy Three Tones Violet

You can always achieve your dream big eyes and enhance them by makeup with big eye circle lenses. However it is necessary that you do makeup not only to compliment your look but also to compliment the situation you are in. A heavy makeup looks beautiful at night but looks over-done when you are in the office or attending a meeting. Have a look at, “Situation Eye Makeup with Big Eye Lenses” to know which makeup looks are perfect for shopping, working women and an evening party respectively.

Our Official Makeup Artists has created yet another sexy and dramatic look for all of our customers using Puffy Three Tones Violet Circle Lenses. The tutorial is in simple and easy steps; hence making it easy for everyone to achieve bold and eide seductive eyes.

This dramatic eye makeup look has been created to match with hair color and eye color. This makeup look is fit for night events and an evening out with a special friend!

Dramatic Eyes- Makeup Tutorial

Put on puffy three tone violet circle lenses and get yourself prepared for the other steps.

Step 1 - Apply a blue eyeshadow in whole eyelid.

Step 2 - Use a reddish copper metallic eyeshadow and blend

Step 3 - Apply a black eyeshadow outside (just a little) and blend

Step 4 - Highlight the brow bone with golden and white

Step 5 -  Apply a nude eyeliner pencil in the waterline (Alternatively, you can use a black pencil for more “drama”)

Step 6 - Use fake lashes

Step 7 - Use liquid eyeliner in black on your upper lashline.

Step 8 - Apply glitter at the corner of your eyes

Step 9 - Apply blush and lipstick to complement your eye makeup. I used a pale pink blush and a nude lipstick. But you can use any color you want even red.

Don’t forget fill and shape your eyebrow with brown eyeshadow.

And VoilĂ ! Here is the finished Look.

For more makeup ideas with circle lenses; get inspiration from our customers who have created Kawaii/ Ulzaang and Gyaru looks following the tips of proper makeup application with color contact lenses. Feel free to submit your looks and get featured at our dedicate section of Kawaii and Gyarus!


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