Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Can Wearing Contact Lenses Cause Cataracts? How to Delay Cataracts with Contact Lenses?

Cataracts is an age-related vision disorder. It is the clouding of the lens that affects nearly every one after the age of 80. Wearing contact lenses has got nothing to do with cataracts since it is a natural occurrence.

As we begin to age; our muscles degenerate, bones get weaker and so does the eye sight. To be specific; cataracts is the clouding of the lens that helps transmission of light to retina where the image is formed. Since, in old age the lens gets cloudy; the image you see is blurred causing hazy vision. It also causes light sensitivity & difficulty in discriminating colors.

Cataracts cannot be avoided in older ages but can be delayed. In severe cases; cataracts is removed via cataracts surgery. After surgery, you can continue wearing contact lenses as usual once your eye has completely healed. According to the medical experts; it naturally takes a period of 3-5 weeks for the vision to stabilize in the operated eye. Once the coordination of both the eyes develop and vision is stabilized; you can meet your doctor to analyze the new prescription needs.

How to Delay Cataracts?

Wearing UV lenses & Wider Brim Hat Helps Delaying Cataracts

It is important to protect your eyes from sunlight to prevent the damage. Wearing UV interception contact lenses along with a hat having a wider brim may help. Sunlight exposure is known to increase the risk of cataracts.

If you have already lost vision due to cataracts; talk to your eye doctor about different low vision services & devices that can help you make the most of the remaining vision.

Contact lenses do not impede your vision provided they are FDA approved nor do they cause cataracts. In fact they help maintaining your vision after cataracts surgery.

Dr. Wayne Bizer , Ophthalmology, states on behalf of American Academy of Ophthalmology's EyeSmart
“First, let me put your mind to rest that the wearing of contact lenses has nothing to do with the development of cataracts.

There are many different types of cataracts, and some of them have specific causes while others develop without ophthalmologists ever having any evidence as to why they occurred. Everyone who lives long enough will develop cataracts; some babies are born with cataracts, and others can develop them at almost any age. Fortunately, cataracts can be corrected with a painless and safe operation like cataract surgery"

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