Monday, 9 May 2016

How to Choose Soft Contact Lenses by Tint or Color?

Soft contact lenses are available in various options. Rare is the case that you find yourself stuck in a blind alley when it is about getting the best pair of contact lenses. Today, soft contact lenses are being made into every color possible where the advanced technology and quality of the material has enabled the penetration of the trend even deeper. Contact lenses, as per your life style and special requirements (if any) can be chosen by replacement schedule, wearing duration or by tint & color.

Contact Lenses by Tint & Color
Categorically speaking contact lenses are available in three major types; i.e. translucent colored lenses, opaque & clear or tinted contacts.

Translucent Colored Contacts

These contact lenses are mostly sought by the teen age girls and women aiming to bring a sophisticated color change effect. They are made to blend with your original eye color flawlessly, plus they also happen to match the design of your iris. Translucent contact lenses basically help to accentuate your own eye color whilst adding a subtle enrichment of color & design to the iris.

Opaque Colored Contacts

Opaque circle lenses are strongly pigmented. They happen to mask your original eye color and no matter how darker are your peepers; these lenses will completely conceal. Such contacts are usually used for theatrical purposes where your goal is more than just changing the eye color.

Clear or Tinted Contacts

These contact lenses are transparent. They are tinted pale blue or green only for handling and visibility purposes. Tinted colored lenses do not change the color nor do they alter the pattern of human iris. They are not visible in the eyes and create totally natural looks. Tinted contacts are usually worn when all you need is prescription and freedom from glasses.

Tints and colors depending on the intensity can help accentuate your eye color or eventually change it altogether. Choose your colored lenses wisely to get the best of them.

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