Thursday, 3 July 2014

How important are Contact Lens Follow-ups?

How important are Contact Lens Follow-ups?

Circle contact lenses are the best mode of changing the way you look. They are fun to wear at special occasions. Available in all funky, crazy & unique colors & patterns they tend to grab tons of attention. The situation however changes if you wear “prescription” contact lenses. Prescription contact lenses need prescription of course at the first place & last but not the least they require “regular circle contact lens follow ups”.

Prescription circle contact lenses are meant to change the defect in your eyesight. They cater to all types of vision problems including farsightedness & astigmatism. If you happen to wear prescription circle contact lenses you need to be a bit more vigilant & careful since you might need to get them fitted by an eye care professional.

  • Prescription may change over time therefore follow up appointments are recommended to patients with refractive index errors. Failing to meet your eye care professional may cause potential damages to the eyes because circle contact lenses are medical devices that should be monitored regularly for the side effects.
  • Because people who wear circle contact lenses to correct the vision defect wear circle lenses more regularly and for longer durations than those who wear it just for fun are at greater risk of diseases caused by circle contact lenses.
  • Circle contact lenses may also cause discomfort whilst working at computer. Eye strain being one of the most common side-effect, is often ignored by the patients which lead towards further severe damages such as corneal ulcers, keratitis, neovascularization etc.
  • Having regular meet-ups with your eye care professional keep you up to date & medically fit. You should discuss the risks & benefits of wearing circle contact lenses other than general care & maintenance tips.
For healthy eyes & risk-free wear of circle contact lenses ask your doctor the following questions
  1. Is it safe to wear circle lenses every day?
  2. Are circle contact lenses really worth the risk?
  3. How long wearing is actually considered over-wearing circle lenses?
  4. Effect of circle contact lenses on people working at computers?
An eye care professional is able to check your eyes thoroughly for contact lens impact. He may be able to prescribe you something your eyes better deserve which as a result maximizes vision. Doctors do not want to increase the drop-outs of contact lenses because they have been the handiestdevice for people from different walks of life when it comes to correcting the vision defect.

Schedule your circle contact lens follow ups & don’t miss a single appointment! Stay healthy, stay safe!

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