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Are Circle Contact Lenses any Safer for Sports than Glasses?

Are Circle Contact Lenses any Safer for Sports than Glasses?

Vision problems may cause huge obstacles in the life of an athlete. Sooner or later; an athlete finds himself in the dilemma of choosing between the two- glasses or circle contact lenses? Glasses fog, slip, fall off & what worse? They even fail to ensure crisp vision such as in case of peripheral (side) vision. Circle contact lenses on the other hand let you enjoy the bump-free bicycle ride, hassle-free jogging & ball games etc.  You are definitely to enjoy the liberation from glasses in high-contact games such as soccer, wrestling etc.

Why Circle Contact Lenses are better for Sports than Glasses?

Circle contact lenses are chosen by most of the athletes having vision-problems for several reasons. With glasses there are risks of injuries involved which on the other hand circle contact lenses prevent you from. Before indulging into sports such as rough & tough ball games like tennis, foot-ball, badminton & hiking; it is advised that you try on prescription circle contact lenses to maintain stable vision.

Benefits of Circle Contact Lenses in Sports which Glasses Can’t Provide
  • Circle contact lenses do not get dirty and smashed off like glasses when busy in sports like race, mountain biking etc.
  • Unlike glasses circle contact lenses do not move or bounce with the rhythm of your feet in ball games such as football, tennis, squash etc.
  • Circle contact lenses remain unaffected by weather changes. Unlike glasses they do not pick up dirt & moisture from the environment.
  • Contacts ensure wider field of vision; at which glasses are a sheer fail. Peripheral vision concerns are only and directly addressed by contact lenses.
  • Circle contacts make it easier to wear protective eye goggles & wrap-around equipment. Since glasses tend to interfere with your helmet; circle lenses are definitely a no-brainer.
Circle contact lenses provide greater comfort, confidence & liberation. Whether you are an amateur sportsman who has just begun playing sports or a professional recreational athlete; glasses are not just practical for you. Wear branded prescribed circle lenses , culled from Korea & guard your eyes from glasses-related injuries!

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