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3 Facts Circle Lens Wearers Ignore: Stay Focused to Improve Eye Health

3 Facts Circle Lens Wearers Ignore: Stay Focused to Improve Eye Health
Circle Lenses and Contact Lenses are fun to wear, but in order to enjoy the fun even when you remove them; you must stay focused on improving the safety of your eyes. We all know the circle lenses are not mere fashion accessory but are medical devices that require maintenance & careful handling. Most often contact lens wearers are observed paying all of the attention towards the brand/manufacturer only. Unfortunately they forget that the lens care is equally important. Neglect regular cleansing of your circle lenses if you love putting your eyes at risk. The 3 common facts that majority of the circle lens wearers ignore create obstacles in proceeding towards healthy life style.

1. A Strong Multi-Purpose Solution

3 Facts Circle Lens Wearers Ignore: Stay Focused to Improve Eye Health
Lens care products are as important as is the brand of the circle lenses. Say you purchase a branded pair of circle lenses worth $22 but ignorantly cleanse it using a low quality saline solution – This does not only reduce the quality of circle lenses but continuing to it may even damage the eyes.

A decade back, there had been a laborious regime for cleaning circle lenses, which through the advancement in technology has now been replaced by “Multi-Purpose Disinfectant”. The advanced multi-purpose disinfectant allows greater cleansing with all-in-one “rub, rinse &disinfect” formula. Therefore, a good multi-purpose solution is strong enough to cleanse a lens from deposition & stubborn protein accumulation and as well as gentle enough to go straight into the eyes without harming them. To accomplish this task, measures should be taken by circle lens & contact lens wearers to preserve the concentration of the disinfectant. The disinfectant bottle should never be left opened as it facilitates the evaporation of the preservative that kills bacteria. This affects the efficacy of the multi-purpose disinfectant. This also rings bell for those careless wearers who habitually top off the contact lens solution.

2. Monthly Disposable Circle Lenses
3 Facts Circle Lens Wearers Ignore: Stay Focused to Improve Eye Health

Fortunately; you can find circle lenses as per your requirement and eye types. Though monthly & daily disposable circle lenses are a bit pricey to afford for some; they are far more effective when you are trying to switch to better health conditions from poorly-managed life style.

The multi-purpose disinfectant as mentioned above cleanse and free circle lenses from lipid accumulation but you will be considered on the right path only if you disinfect your circle lenses regularly.

If you find it hard to follow the whole process every night religiously, don’t worry. You can try disposable circle lenses. To reduce dropouts of circle lenses, optometrists recommends “Monthly Disposable Circle Lenses”. These types of disposable circle lenses are also a good start for the people with sensitive eyes.

3. Wettability of Circle Lenses

3 Facts Circle Lens Wearers Ignore: Stay Focused to Improve Eye Health

When circle lenses & contact lenses are not disinfected properly; they begin to turn dry. This happens because lipids accumulation & other depositions can cause reduction in lens wettability & disruption of the tear film which may further deteriorate the condition by causing frequent eye blinking & blurred vision. Lubricating drops may not be able to help because the deposits compromise the wettability of circle lenses as they develop dry patches on the surface of contact lenses.

This is therefore very important to ask yourself at the end of the day “How comfortable my eyes felt whilst wearing circle lenses today?” The same question should be asked at the beginning & end of every circle lens cycle to determine if the flaw is in the circle lenses or is actually a medical issue caused by your criminal negligence.

If you have had the comfortable wears of circle lenses in the beginning but not in the end of the lens cycle, most probably you are also one of those careless circle lens wearers who over-look these 3 facts.

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