Friday, 6 June 2014

Why do Contact Lenses turn my Eyes Dry?


If you are among those who feel a sensation of dryness upon wearing contact lenses then you need not to panic. Science reveals that dry eye syndrome affect hundreds of people every year and it happens to increase with the age. Bright side of the story lies in the fact that with advanced technology and medications you are now able to increase contact lens tolerance.

People with dry eyes syndrome and those who do not have it; are both equally affected by contact lens induced dryness (CLID). Actually contact lenses are a barrier towards oxygen absorption for your eyes. Human eyes tend to fulfill the oxygen requirement from the environment but when contact lenses are floating on your iris, oxygen is partially blocked; to fulfill which; your eyes have to draw the oxygen from the eye capillaries.

Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes?

Even though contact lenses with higher water content i.e. above 42% are considered more comfortable; contact lenses with low water content are rather better for people suffering from dry eyes syndrome. Contact lenses with high water content may lose their moisture due to several environmental factors and as a result they will drench the moisture of your eyes to stay supple and moist. Therefore; wearing contact lenses with low water content (38%) is a genius idea for people having dry eyes. 

Symptoms of Dry Eyes Syndrome:
  • Redness
  • Blurred Vision
  • Fall-out of contact lenses
  • Difficulty blinking
  • Irritation
Your eyes react when they fail adequate tear-production. Upon wearing contact lenses when oxygen is blocked you may find your eyes dry which causes hindrance in blinking. The forced blinking may cause your contact lenses to fall out from eyes.

How to Tackle Dry Eyes with Contact Lenses?

Rewetting drops formulated and approved to be used with contact lenses is the safest choice. However avoid using them unless your eyes really need lubricating drops. If you include eye drops in your routine then your eyes will become dependent on them; restricting your eyes to decrease the natural tear production.

Instead of rewetting drops drink plenty of water, eat fresh & raw vegetables and protect your eyes with safety goggles when travelling. To avoid mishaps always keep your contact lenses clean & disinfected with a multi-purpose solution.


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