Thursday, 25 June 2015

Beaute69 Skin Lightening Mask with Witch Hazel: Why should you Use Skin Care Products with Witch Hazel?

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Are you sick of trying and swapping skin regimes from Asian to Western and to even home based skin care but fail to notice any benefits? The problem does not lie in the skin care regime but in the products that you have been using. Probably, you need to get the products with the right ingredients. Witch Hazel has long been regarded as an organic product carrying innumerable medicinal as well as skin care benefits. Beaute69 Skin Lightening mask does not only ensure flawless glowing complexion but also offer various other skin care benefits.

Have you ever scanned beauty products before making a purchase, for the ingredients your skin concerns are in dire need of? Acquiring enough knowledge about what you are slathering onto your face may significantly help you treating your issues. Korean skin care regards Witch Hazel as yet another miracle product that help treating sun burns, inflammation & irritation caused by environmental pollutants.

Benefits of Witch Hazel in Beaute69 Skin Lightening Mask

Witch Hazel is a natural cleaner & toner. It is known as an effective remedy for shrinking pores. Using face masks containing “witch-hazel” such as Beaute69 Skin Lightening facial mask provide following benefits:

Treats Acne & Reduces Marks

Witch hazel helps fading acne marks. Beaute69 Skin Lightening mask reduces bruises, speeds up the healing process & helps to fade discoloration

Reduces Puffiness

Beaute69 Skin Lightening mask containing witch hazel when applied on face, helps reducing the puffiness around eyes. It also reduces dark circle lenses and ensures soothing sensation.

Cools Down Sun Burn

Witch Hazel is an excelling cooling agent. Mixing Beaute69 Skin Lightening mask with aloe vera gel provides immediate relief from itching and burning sensation caused by heat strokes.

Natural Astringent

Witch Hazel is globally known as a natural astringent. Beaute69 Skin Lightening face mask with witch hazel helps removing excess oil from the skin. Since astringents reduce sebum production and thoroughly cleanse the pores, the mask helps calming down the acne-prone stressed skin by preventing the formation of black heads. It quickly dries the pimples and ensure clearer & better complexion.

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