Thursday, 20 June 2013

Employ Your Used Cases of Big Eye Contact Lenses like a Genius

Cases of Big Eye Contact Lenses are hotbeds of dangerous germs and if not replaced once in every three months; these cases may be the breeding place of harmful bacteria. According to Reuters; 70% cases of big eye contact lenses are contaminated with fungi due to overuse. It is estimated that 1 in 4 wearers of big eye contact lenses never replace their cases.

Source: WonderHowTo

People should understand that big eye contact lenses are not just a fashion accessory; they should instead deal them as a medical device and follow a complete care regimen. If all the 125millionpeople who wear big eye contact lenses globally develop a habit of regularly replacing their cases of big eye contact lenses then definitely there will be several useless cases lying in drawers and cupboards.

Instead of just throwing those cases away; why not employ your used cases of big eye contact lenses like a genius?

Did you know there and 9 ingenious ideas to use your cases of big eye contact lenses?
You can use those useless cases of big eye contact lenses and you will be surprised how handy they are especially when you are travelling around. Simply wash them with a detergent and start using!

These cases in which you used to store big eye contact lenses are now ready to store even the edibles like ketchup and sauces. Take them when you are out for lunch and enjoy this little condiment case. Contact lens cases are also an ideal way of storing tiny things such as pills, earrings and rings, mouth-wash, hand-lotions, shampoo+ conditioner and small portion of lip glosses.

Have got some other mind-blowing ideas to employ your used cases in your own unique way? Comment below and let’s be the part of inspiration.


  1. I clear mine with antibacterial soap + water and then wash with alcohol/water/lens product as soon as they arrive, and every 2/3 months I repeat the cleaning. Also, everytime I take the lens out (to change product or to use) I wash with antibacterial soap + water and then lens product. I still have to throw them away? T.T

    1. Yes dear, it's advised to. There might be some parts that you are unable to wash {>__<}

  2. No; only washing isn't enough. Even if you wash it with disinfection solutions you still need to replace it every three months. Your eyes are precious. Actually you can use the very same cases for storing even edibles but soft contact lenses are very fragile they accumulate harmful bacteria quickly than other things and then may cause infection in your eyes.