Sunday, 24 November 2013

Stella False Eye Lashes: Choosing False Lashes According to Eye Shapes

A fluttering pair of Stella false eyelashes is an icon of beauty. The instant drape, the soft velvety feel and the flirtatious looks which Stella false eyelashes add to your appearance; pays the price. With false eyelashes you can have thick lashes that almost look very natural like celebrities. However; in order to successfully accentuate your eyes you need to choose your false eyelashes wisely; since choosing a cheap product may cause allergies and infections. Stella false eyelashes however; promise for a natural to dramatic look that is safe and hygienic.

It is often a question that what kind of false eyelashes will suit your eyes. When deciding for the type of false eyelashes; consider following points:

  • Shape of your eyes
  • Nature of your original lashes

Shape of your eyes:

Round Eyes
People with round eyes should get dramatic long false eyelashes that fan upwards; such as Stella 8907 false eyelashes Double Layer Lashes. These Stella false eyelashes will add definition to round eyes and you will have Kawaii Anime type bigger eyes.

Almond Eyes
Women with almond eyes are lucky since these eyes are very defined and gorgeous in shape. These types of eyes look glamorous with every makeup look. Choosing false eyelashes has never been a problem for almond eyes. Try different Stella false eyelashes and have your pick!

Hooded Eyes
Women with hooded eyes should spend a considerable amount of time choosing their false eyelashes. Since Stella false eyelashes is the only brand to have double and multi-layer falsies; you are open to a wide variety of lashes for a trial. Try those false eyelashes that consists of both long and short strands with longest just above the pupils such as Stella 8943 false eyelashes. Hooded eye ladies can frame their eyes by applying individual false eyelashes at the lower outer corner for a doe-eye look.

Monolid Eyes
Monolid eyes come in different shapes hence are very versatile. If you want to have deeper-set long eyes; try Stella 8908 false eyelashes since these lashes feature longest strands at the outer upper corners. People with small mono lid eyes should avoid thick dramatic lashes since this will make them scream fake. Go for subtle fashion lashes such as Stella false eyelashes.

Nature of Original Lashes:

Sparse and Fine Lashes:
You need volume therefore try Stella 8915  false eyelashes. They are even and thick that helps creating intense drape.

Medium Thickened Lashes:
If your original lashes are neither too thick, nor thin you should enhance them using Stella 2003 false eyelashes. They are fine and spaced; important for adding a length to your lashes while keeping them look natural.

Defined Lashes:
Lucky enough to already have a set of defined real eye lashes? Accentuate them and add a drama using    Stella false eyelashes. These will not be only adding a drama to your eyes but also will give some flutter for a sexy look. Stella 8977 false eyelashes have the longest strands at the corners to make your eye shape look glorious.

Theatrical/ Prom Needs:
Try shimmery, glittery and spikey lashes such as Glitter series by Stella false eyelashes. For making a statement; choose Stella false eyelashes which come with a dramatic upward curl.

False eyelashes can bring a huge difference to your makeup and eyes. No doubt a thoughtful pair of falsies from a brand like “Stella false eyelashes” is helpful enough to frame your eyes!


  1. where would you say is the best website or place to purchase colored or circle lenses at?

  2. @ Kat Laura Ann
    Uniqso :D
    I always buy mine from them :D