Sunday, 9 August 2015

Vibrant Blue & Soft Brown Contacts against Amnesia Heroine Wig

You get perfect looks when everything you are wearing is top notch and complimenting each other. From your ensemble to your makeup and accessories, what catch the most attention is how a good hair day you are having. Amnesia Heroine wig is a beautiful blonde wig with an adorable bun to make it sure that the wig is meant for princesses. The wig itself is soft, featuring blonde bangs and the tresses that are curled inwards. Amnesia Heroine wig is simply regal. The delicate braid that dangles at the other side add further narrow details to the style.

 Since the wig is blonde; it compliments both bright & soft colors against it. Barbie Bubble blue lenses when worn against this wig, delivered super vibrant eye-catchy results. Since the lenses are sparking and strikingly vivid, the wig goes extraordinarily. Barbie Bubble blue are mono tone lenses with no limbalring to surround your iris with. 

On the other hand; I-Codi Chou Cream pink looks totally natural when worn. These circle lenses are a bewitching blend of lovely hues; yet when you wear,the hues get subdued to get in blended with your natural eye color. 

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