Friday, 21 August 2015

Can I Wear Synthetic Wigs in Kitchen?

Synthetic wigs that are made from heat resistant plastic fibers are more durable than ordinary synthetic or human hair wigs. They are safe to wear in kitchen but you need to be careful to prevent them from an irreparable damage.
  1. Avoid working at direct flames. Keep an appropriate distance from the stove
  2. Be very careful when working with appliances such as ovens, stoves, BBQ grills and hot pots. Sometimes a sudden burp of steam from the appliances can catch you in embarrassment.
  3. Avoid wearing long wigs in kitchen. They are prone to catch fire.
  4. Avoid wearing heavy wigs. They get warm and may irritate you. Wear wigs with medium density, preferably short wigs covered with a scarf.

Synthetic wigs are made of plastic fibers. Strong steam, smoke and flames damage the fibers and melt them to convert into a beady residue. In kitchen, the other forms of “surprise” damage are caused by opening a newer model of dishwasher or preparing the fire place.

Removing meat or tossing the sauces up at your shashlik steak whilst it is still at the fire source can spark strong flames. In such cases synthetic wigs may catch fire in fraction of a second. To avoid burns and fatal damages, always wear only short synthetic wigs in kitchen. Be careful that no tresses or hair wisps disturb you whilst you cook at the range.  

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