Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Anime Trails: Kurotsuchi Nemu Wig & ICK Adora Red Lenses

Anime protagonists are often witnessed flaunting long, straight, shiny and sleek veil of black tresses. If you have been dreaming to achieve the same look, we have here something to inspire you. ICK Adora red lenses and Kurotsuchi Nemu wig help you mimic the look fo your favorite anime character.

ICK Adora red lenses are scintillating bright lenses so it is obvious of them to be obtrusive. They enlarge eyes pretty fancifully, whilst staying very comfortable. When paired with black long Nemu wig, these lenses become more vivid and attention grabbing. Nemu wig is intense black, long and bouncy despite having straight locks. It is as black as a dark night. Fortunately enough the wig needs no prior trimming or an accentuating complimentary cut. Nemu wig already boasts blunt bangs that completes the anime looks gracefully. 

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