Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Certified Contact Lenses: What Role does Professional Certifications Play?

Professional certifications let you throw your fears and make you take pride in what you purchase. Different accreditation bodies issue certificates in written to ensure that the provisioned body, manufactures its products under state of art environment & is fully capable of meeting international standards. Contact lenses are medical devices, thus these should be formally accredited by individual health & drug regulatory bodies. Unless your contact lenses are approved by regulatory bodies, they may be threatening to your vision. Contact lenses should have either of the following certifications:
  1. CE
  2. ISO
  3. KFDA
  4. GMP
  5. FDA

CE marking is actually the manufacturer’s declaration that their product is safe to be marketed and sold in EEA (European Economic Area). It stands for European Conformity. If a product bears CE marking; it is a formal & legal confirmation by the manufacturer that the product is in compliance with EU standards. CE certification ensures easy flow of the product in the EEA.

International Organization for Standardization is a non-governmental body that develops international standards. To ensure world class product efficiency, health standards, safety & quality; ISO certification is most sought-after. When a product achieves ISO certification; it gains credibility, trust & customer satisfaction. Contact lenses must hold ISO certification as they are medical devices & concerns health issues.

KFDA is a Korean regulatory body for food & pharmaceuticals. It promotes and ensures public health & safety by assessing the products that are either food, drugs, cosmetics or medical devices. Similarly, FDA is federal executive body of United States that promote & protect public health by monitoring food, drugs, pharmaceuticals, prescription & non-prescription drugs & medical devices etc.

GMP stands for Goods Manufacturing Practice. It ensures that the product is consistently produced and controlled according to international quality standards. It monitors pharmaceutical manufacturing & production from the first step to the last. It is a medical certification that ensures that the product was produced under state of art labs where exemplary hygiene & sanitation of both premises and personnel was ensured throughout the session.

Contact lenses are medical devices thus no risks should be taken whilst you make a selection. Contact lenses that are counterfeit and are not approved by accreditation bodies run the risk of permanent vision loss, corneal abrasion/devouring & other fatal parasite-mongering diseases. Always contemplate carefully when choosing your brand of lenses. We at Uniqso ensure that what you insert in your eyes does not compromise your vision. We have wide variety of Korean branded circle lenses that enjoy any or all of the above certifications to keep your vision safe & guarded!

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