Friday, 21 August 2015

Contact Lenses: 5 Ways to Survive Long Haul Flights

The aircraft cabin though has an increased atmospheric pressure, reduced relative humidity and reduced oxygen availability, the contact lens wearers remain unaffected even it is a long haul flight. However, a contact lens wearer should be more careful if they wish to survive the flight without any ocular discomfort.

1. Carry Re-wetting Drops in a Zip-Lock Bag

Choosing to wear contact lenses during a flight is a personal taste. If your eyes are naturally moist you certainly will survive the flight. If your eyes are drier we recommend you to carry the solution to rewet contact lenses, lubricating eye drops & handling accessories of contact lenses. Due to the increased pressure, the solutions may leak. To prevent accidental wastage of your limited solution keep you travel-sized bottles protected in a zip-lock bag. (Most of the flight allow only 2oz of liquid)

2. Carry a Hand- Sanitizer & Cleansing Wipes in your Hand Bag

Before you touch your contact lenses your hands should be properly sanitized. If you are quirky and believe that air-plane lavatories don’t have up-to-standard clean water, you always have the option to enjoy the convenience of a hand sanitizer. Wipe your hands with cleansing wipes and you are all set to re-insert or take your contact lenses out.

3. Use an Eye Mask

Sleeping with contact lenses is not a good idea. Experts recommend to take contact lenses out even before a nap. When you are travelling via a long haul flight, you should pay attention to keep your eyes moist. If your eye lids don’t shut off fully as you sleep; kindly use an eye mask to keep your eyes warm & stay lubricated. Sleeping in contacts under reduced atmospheric pressure may create a seal that makes it difficult to take them out.

4. Avoid Contact lenses with High Water Content
Though contact lenses with high water content are considered most comfortable lenses, it is better to avoid them in a long haul flight. Contact lenses with water content 55% get dry quickly. In order to quench their hydration needs they disturb the tear chemistry and create a stinging sensation.

5. Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

It is advisable to always travel with two pairs of contact lenses. Prescription contact lenses are a necessity. Therefore, in case of mishaps you should always have a backup supply. Wearing daily disposable contact lenses during a flight and keeping your annual prescription contact lenses saved for the destiny makes sense.

It is completely a personal choice to wear contact lenses in a flight. Despite the recycled air & 20% relative humidity you can safely wear contact lenses with/without slight discomfort. Follow the above stated tips to survive a long haul flight when you are inclined to stay loyal to contacts.

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