Saturday, 15 August 2015

Eye Sore: 3 Mistakes your Unhygienic Contact Lens Practices are Responsible

Sure, glasses are easy to go but they come with their own risks and disadvantages. Other than glasses, being forgiving on “cleanliness”; customers opine they don’t find them overwhelming over contact lenses. Fortunately, contact lenses are infallible for not-so-fortunate people. (Not endowed with 20/20 vision) Alike every medical device, these soft hydrophilic discs should be handled as per the directions. They provide crisp vision with enhanced peripheral view and remain unaffected as the weather turns hazy (unlike glasses). Contact lenses are easy to pop in but looks like they are difficult to take out. Most of the users deliberately leave them in, when they should not. Below are the five mistakes you must stop doing right now:

1. Wearing Contact Lenses for a Nap
Most of the people decide to take a short 20 minutes nap with contact lenses still in eyes. Contact lenses should not irritate but why take risks when you are aware of the facts. Contact lenses are not designed to stay in your eyes whilst you sleep. You may accidentally fall sound asleep & this is the time where you should actually freak out (but you won’t as you are sleeping). Contact lenses create a barrier between oxygen transmission & cornea. During you snooze; there are two barriers formed i.e. contact lenses & eyelids. You may get an eye sore if contact lenses are left in eyes for a long duration. Always take them out when you find yourself over a cozy couch.

2. Over-Wearing Contact Lenses after they Reach Expiry
It has been observed that people over-wear their contact lenses to save money. Okay, save money but lose your eyes (sounds cool, eh?) Nobody would want to risk their eyes to have some bucks in their pockets. Contact lenses wither & accumulate germs over the time. Counterfeit contact lenses are not a question. Even FDA approved circle lenses become horribly dangerous for your eyes once they have met the expiry. Circle lenses are disposable, treat them likewise.

3. Contact Lenses are Okay even if not cleaned daily
Admit it, not many of us go through the pain of disinfecting our circle lenses daily. We don’t even throw the old solution. We are the lazy bones and once we have allowed the bacteria to devour our eyes we start yelling over the technology and or hold the manufacturer accountable for all the losses incurred. The technology have seen the advancements, but human mind & hygienic practices are still captive of the erratic human nature.

There are us who learn from trial & error then there are geniuses among us who learn from others’ mistakes. We need to change “who cares” attitude as you get only one pair of eyes in life. The mistakes you do today cannot be revoked tomorrow. Be careful, contact lenses are undoubtedly a boon, but your lazy attitude towards their handling puts everything at risk.

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