Sunday, 9 August 2015

Caramel Brown Circle Lenses for Dolly Looks: Beuberry Sweet Eyes Brown

These beautiful soft contact lenses enhance your own eye color. They blend in beautifully; whereas pattern strives to fuse nicely with your iris. Beuberry Sweet Eyes brown lenses ensure charismatic enlargement that makes others fall for you. The sweet caramel hue is flattering enough to push you in the limelight. These brown circle lenses with a dull yellow-brown color pay off do extremely well on turning you into a barbie like doll with enchanting eyes that shine. 

" I think they look quite unique and depending on the lighting they can have a caramel brown hue or end up looking like an icey brown. The color blends in well with my natural eye color as well. "- Beuberry Sweet Eyes Brown lenses review

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