Friday, 21 August 2015

Be the Star with Stella False Eyelashes

Stella false eye lashes are culled from Taiwan. They are 100% hand-made, light-weight & sterilized lashes that prevent drooping of eye lids. Stella false eye lashes come in several designs from daily wear to dramatic wears- all equally comfortable.
  1. Since Stella false eye-lashes are nylon made they are soft and are more promising. Generally, plastic lashes are stiff & heavier. They cast unnatural looks whereas Stella false eye lashes ensure natural curl to your lashes.
  2. Stella false eye lashes ensure utmost comfort. They make use of cotton or nylon lash band. Polyester is soft fiber but consumers find it difficult to put on lashes skillfully that are made on polyester band. Cotton lash band provides the same natural and light feel that a polyester band does. This is why Stella false eye lashes emphasis more on cotton or nylon lash bands.
  3. The lash band used in Stella false eyelashes is almost invisible. This is why these lashes are endorsed by world’s celebrities. The lashes stay comfortable, light and natural. They add in huge to the volume and length of your natural lashes.
Stella false eye lashes boast with 15 series with over 200 models. Grab the dramatic doe-eye look with world class false eye lashes made of premium quality nylon. For formal occasions, don't forget to check out the shimmering attraction by Stella i.e. Glitter false eyelashes

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