Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Get Bright youthful Eyes: Geolica Holicat Barbie Cat Hazel

"In my opinion, of many circle lenses I have worn, I would say that Barbie Cat hazel would be the most beautiful hazel brown. As you can see, my natural eye colour is dark brown so I've been trying to look for a nice subtle light brown/hazel as I believe on oriental eyes, if you don't want to look too extreme and unnatural then brown or hazel lenses are the way to go. 

Including the ones I've tried previously, I'd say these are my fave lenses so far. Since these are monthly lenses they are more breathable for the eyes as they're more thinner than the yearly ones. They are natural looking yet gives the eyes the sparkle and colour which I love. So until I find a more gorgeous looking one in the future, the GEOLICA Holicat Barbie Cat Hazel is on the top of my list."

The above excerpt is shared from this Geolica Holicat Barbie Cat Barbie hazel review

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