Friday, 21 August 2015

Dramatic Green Lenses: Barbie Bambi Green

These luxurious green circle lenses bring you into the limelight. The decorative pattern and the three tones keep these lenses in everyone's wish list. Barbie Bambi green circle lenses produce very dolly and striking enlargement effect. The vivid colors and the glossy finish turn your eyes into breathtaking beauty. Barbie Bambi green circle lenses are surrounded by a solid limbal black ring that leaves a very pronounced effect. They appear dazzling over dark brown eyes and are good at masking your original color. 

Since Barbie Bambi green are dramatic circle lenses, makeup application is must. To make the looks more acceptable and adoptable wear false eye lashes and soft makeup with thick eye liner. Check out the impressive video review of these sumptuous green lenses below:

Courtesy of Naradiel- Bambi green review

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