Saturday, 22 August 2015

5 Environments you should be Careful about when wearing Contact Lenses

Circle contact lenses are generally safe to wear but there are certain places where you should make sure that your eyes remain safe. Contact lenses don’t hurt by themselves, provided they are FDA approved. Yet they may be somewhat painful if carelessness is shown.

1. Welding Workshops & Chemical Industries
Welding labs and operators face an array of hazards from fumes to electric shocks and suffocation. A welder is required to wear special fire-resistant costume & safety eye wear. Contact lenses should be avoided in welding areas because of the high heating temperatures. Chemical industries that generate fumes, gaseous vapors & infrared radiation may also hinder with proper contact lens functioning. Since contact lenses are like a sponge; they let in all the gases they are exposed to.

2. Sports Courts
Observe caution whilst playing sports like badminton, tennis, and other close eye contact games. If you wear prescription contact lenses, create an extra barrier of safety by wearing safety eye wear to prevent serious damages. Wearing circle contacts whilst playing video/computer games can also cause eye-strain.

3. Beauty Salons
Though beauty salons must not prevent you wearing your fashion cosmetic lenses, it is advised to be a bit more vigilant during your stay in the building. A salon deals with hair sprays/aerosols, deodorants, cologne spray etc that might cause the appearance of an annoying film over the surface of contact lenses. Keep your eyes shut when you get finishing touches to tame your tresses using a hair spray.

4. Extreme Temperature Changes

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Use caution when wearing circle contacts in extreme temperature zones. I.e. sub-zero temperature or the places that have high heating temperatures such as oven, fire-place etc.

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5. Windy & Dusty Places
Wear safety eye wear to prevent irritation. Dust particles and windy weather irritate your eyes. Windy climate further turn your eyes & lenses dry.
Contact lenses should be immediately removed if they become uncomfortable suddenly & consistently. Avoid wearing circle lenses when you have cold or flu. Contact lenses are medical devices and you should only wear them if you consider yourself mature enough for the meticulous handling they demand. 

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