Wednesday, 5 August 2015

I Popped Open a Fresh Pair of Contact Lenses & they are blurry. Why?

Contact lenses may cause blurred or hazy vision over the course of time. This happens due to several reasons from unhygienic and improper disinfection to over-wearing your contacts on daily basis or wearing them past their expiry. A concern rises when you discover that your freshly opened contact lenses do not let you see clearly. Please check for the following factors when you have a problem with newly opened contact lenses

1. Have you purchased your lenses from a substandard shop, beauty salon or from a street-vendor? Counterfeit contact lenses do not follow health & safety standards. They may lead to irrevocable vision threatening conditions. If your lenses are imported from China or they fail to provide you legitimate brand information; better toss them off. Your eyes are not worth the risks.

2. Did you forget to soak your contact lenses before the first try? Soaking contact lenses in pharmacy formulated multi-purpose solution is mandatory for the oxidization purposes. After taking your contact lenses out of the solution, they come in; it is recommended to soak them in multi-purpose solution for minimum 8 hours.

3. Closely inspect your contact lenses for superficial damages. Sometimes during manufacturing contact lenses develop tucks and notches that interfere with vision. Immediately stop wearing those lenses and contact the supplier. We at Uniqso guarantees 100% refund/return & exchange.

4. Have you had your prescription checked? If everything seems in perfect order, chances are your prescription has changed. Get yourself a new prescription before your vision further impedes. Contact lens follow-ups are important at least once annually.

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